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Fiber Cement Board


product type: integrated type

place of origin: China

payment: by T/T

Packing: wooden pallet

lead time: one month

brand: SANLE

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Products Introduction:

Sanle fiber cement board is made of high-grade cement and modified material, reinforced by natural fiber. Being processed by high pressure and high temperature advanced technologies, Sanle fiber cement board is a new building material with excellent performances.


Sanle fiber cement board meets the standard of JC/T412.1-2006, and the quality is strictly controlled by our company.

Product Features

Fire Proof & Insulation

Class A non-inflammability, no toxic gas, low in perveance, good electric insulation material

Waterproof and Moisture Proof

In semi-outdoor area and under high temperature condition, performance of Sanle boards is stable and will not bend or deform.

Thermal Insulation and Sound Insulation

Low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation, high in density, sound proof

Light weight & High strength

Pressured by 5000-ton hydraulic machine, it is high in strength and light in weight. It is not easy to deform and bend, and good for flooring and roofing.

Easy installation

The installation of boards is dry operation, which is faster. It can be processed with ordinary wood working tool. The board is easy to be processed.

Economical and Good looking

The boards are light in weight. Together with the use of keels, they can save cost of construction and decoration. The painting is uniform, and the surface is smooth, making the exterior of buildings good-looking and attractive.

Safe and Harmless

Test result of Sanle boards is better than national radiation protection standards of building materials. The radiation from Sanle boards is equal to that from the lawn 20 meters away from the building. The lifespan of Sanle boards is very long, and they are resistant to acid and alkali, moisture and insects. The toughness and strength remains the same when time passes by. So they can be used for a long time.

Easy to install and easy to replace

Sanle boards can be drilled, cut, engraved, nailed, painted and covered by tiles or sticker when necessary..









REMARK:We can also supply other specification as the clients specially reauirement

size deviation






1220 2440
















Product parameters










吸水率Water absorption





GB 8624-2006 Non-inflammability Grade A

湿胀率wet expansion



抗折强度Beding strength



强度等级IIIStrength grade class III


强度等级IVStrength grade class IV


饱水状态Saturation with water




Exterior side boards, indoor partition walls, sound-proof ceiling, decoration boards, complex walls, outdoor billboards, division boards and floor boards

Transportation, cutting & installation


During delivery, the boards should be piled up in the way of board-to-board, so it is suitable for sea, road and railroad transportation, and also good for indoor storage.

The panels should not be stored outdoor or any place near water. It must be stored in an even, no leakage of rain and no dust and warehouse with good ventilation. It should avoid moisture before being used. Once it is wetted, it should be cleaned up right away and dried up with good ventilation. Otherwise it may be damaged.

Transportation and storage:

1.Avoid collision when delivering the boards. The carrier must have even floor and goods must be fastened during transportation.

2.Boards must be stacked in shipshape for hoisting or fork-loading, and prevent edges or corners being damaged.

3.If carried by man, any object cannot be left between two boards, in case of damage or deformation.

4.When carrying the boards, there must be two men standing at two sides holding them upright.

5.Boards must be stored on even ground or on suitable pallets. They can not be put loosely upright against walls

6.The boards should be stored indoor. If they are needed to be stored outdoor, tarpaulin must be used to cover them.


Sanle fiber cement boards is easy to install, and they can be cut, nailed or drilled if needed..

1. Nick on the board according to requirements,and then press it off with straight and flat instrument.

2. Cut it with tile cutter.

3. Use electric screwdriver to install boards.

4.For round or curved cutting, a scroll saw is suggested.

installation for exterior walls

1. Cleaning

Clean up the site, the walls and the boards, including dust and oils and other dirts.

2.Drawing lines and boards grouping

Position the angle steels at side walls according to construction plan.

3.reserving holes for doors

reserve holes for doors or other equipments in advance.

4.installation of Zinc-plated angle steel

Drill holes on side walls according to the lines mentioned above, and then use stainless steel anchor bolt to fasten angle steels on them.

5.installation of L-shape aluminum keels

Use stainless steel screws to fix keels and angle steel.

6.Internal corner and external corner

At external corner and internal corner of keels, use a long L-shape angle steel to fasten two keels by rivets, making the whole keel system stronger..

7.installation of back hangers

Use back bolts to fasten upper and lower hangers

8.Installation of Sanle fiber cement boards

Raise up the whole sheet of fiber cement board, and keep the lower hanger right sitting on lower L-shape keels, and upper hanger right on upper L-shape keels. So that the lower hanger is right on the second L-shape keels, and the upper keel is right on the first L-shape keels..


Fill 3 mm sealing glue on gaps between boards when the boards are fixed.

10.follow-up installation

Repeat the same procedures to install other boards.

11.double-check and cleaning

Double check the whole project and make sure there is no damage on the boards. Then get rid of the plastic covers of the boards and clean up the site.

Floor installation

Installation process:

1.Draw lines on walls and paint antirust paint.

2.Make channels on walls and fix channel steels.

A. Make a 2cm deep channel at horizontal line of walls and get rid of the putty until you see the steels in side.

B. After getting rid of the putty, keels can be welded directly to the steels inside walls so as to make the whole floor system stronger.

C. The width of channel should be same as that of channel steels. Sink the channel steels into the channels and fasten them by screws and then weld them together, thus making the whole system integrated with walls and increase safety.

D. It is better to increase the screws which are used to fasten channel steels with wall steels. That can make it safer, but also make the construction harder at the same time.

3. installation of I-beam

Because we use both size 12 I-beam and channel steel, we need to cut some parts at both ends of I-beams so as to fix them into channel steel, and weld them together. Distance between each I-channel is about 60cm.

4. Weld angle steel and sub channel and paint the whole system. Distance between sub channel is 60cm.

5. Installation of Sanle fiber cement board

Welding slag and welding joint must be polished before installation of Sanle boards. Sanle boards should be vertically parallel to main beam. Any edge of boards must not be suspended and distance between boards can be 3-5mm. Joint pints of boards must be on the center of beams.

6. attentions for self-tapping nails

Length of self-tapping nails can be 55-60mm (subject to size of boards and beams). First drill holes and then fix them in. Hole size must be bigger than nail head and nails must not go through the boards. Nailing sequence is from center to sides. Distance between board edges and nails near edges is about 20mm. Distance between nails around board center is about 600mm, and between nails near board edges is about 300mm. Nailing should be done when the general layout is finished.

7. about joints

During installation, operator should leave 3-5mm gap between boards and between boards and walls (less distance for wooden floor). Gaps can be covered by silicone sealant or elastic putty.

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